Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Till the time we are waiting for our governments to change policies and enforce laws for segregation of waste at source, let's just take a small step and start something ourselves.

We bought a composter last year and my experience with it has been great. It takes care of all the kitchen waste like vegetable peels, left overs and even paper. So the only waste you are left with is plastic, metal etc. What happens to all that is another issue, but the good thing about this is that you get manure for your plants. And if you don't have any plants at home, just put the manure on the roadside... we could all do with some shade of nice big trees!

This is where we bought it from:

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  1. its a repeat show...
    anyway good to see the composter again! i worked on the mechanized version (faster) during my industrial training with poonam (who runs dailydump). the website was being done at that time...

    it certainly is an interesting idea...and i do remember all the struggle poonam had to go through to see her products and then maintain them...